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Popsical School of Performance connects great teachers to students in their community. Unlike most music schools, all the musicians at PSOP are trained and tested in their knowledge and experience of music theory AND aural skills. We believe in studying scales, chord progressions, music notation, sound production, and rhythm, as well as music history, styles and ear training. After learning, practicing, and performing with their custom-picked teacher and our team, students begin to discover that the notes, chord progressions, and dynamic effects used by many artists are all in the same; from Mozart to the Beatles, from Stevie Wonder to Jay-Z, from Romeo Santos to Steve Aoki… After a while, the question is no longer what kinds of music can you play, but which kind of music you want to play with!


  • No driving around.

  • No waiting around for lessons to start or end.

  • Students learn to practice in their actual practice space.

  • Teachers help set up a successful practice space and environment.

  • In-home performance opportunities- Enjoy live music performances with family, neighbors and friends!

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