Want to be a private music teacher ?

but don’t have the time or energy for marketing, networking, billing, legal work, or the hassles of finding a performance space to take your students to the next level? Then you’ve come to the right place! 

How does it work?
Popsical School of Performance takes a percentage cut from what you make, which gets smaller as time goes on, and your teacher student relationship develops. The teacher percentages start at 50% and end at 90% of the total rate, based on your experience and level.

Check out our “Teacher Duties and Policies” (Download HERE) and pass our training and background check to become our next fabulous teacher!

Please fill out the form below or send an email with the following information to the best of your ability to:popsicalschoolofperformance@gmail.com

1. What is your name, address and contact info?

2. Please send us any recordings or videos of you performing or teaching.

3. What instrument/s would you be interested in teaching?

4. Can you read music and play by ear?

5. What is your general availability?

6. If available, please send us links (Dropbox and YouTube preferred) with any evidence of any higher education or professional experience teaching &/or performing (certificates, programs, pay stubs, references, flyers, recordings, videos, etc).